Sunday, 29 January 2017

Swithland slate in local churchyards

In last week's post about Swithland slate gravestones I promised you some photos!

Warning: this post is a photoblog of selected Swithland slate gravestones in various Leicestershire churchyards, as such, it may take a little while to load, but it's worth scrolling down to see examples of Belvoir angels, sculptor's signatures, symbolic pictures, Biblical verses, divided gravestones, margin-less gravestones, interesting occupational information, the rough slate-backs, Welsh slate, by way of comparison.

For photos of gravestones at Dishley, pop over to my blogpost about Dishley and Robert Bakewell.

A selection from the "parish church" some of which are standing, some lying flat, takne January 2014.

From the Old Rectory Museum on Steeple Row: the ones outside were rescued. Taken February 2014.

Hathern church of St Peter and St Paul, taken February 2014.

From Breedon on the Hill, taken January 2017.

The rough reverse of Swithland slate gravestones

I believe these to be Welsh slate

The smooth reverse of Welsh slate gravestones

From St Nicholas church in Leicester, taken January 2017.

An example of non-uniform sized writing 
From various Leicestershire churches, taken August 2013.

An example of a Belvoir Angel and a gravestone with no margin

On the left is a tomb of slate
You are welcome to quote passages from any of my posts, with appropriate credit. The correct citation for this looks as follow:

Dyer, Lynne (2017). Swithland slate in local churchyards. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 29 January 2017]

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