Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas appears to have begun ...

Well today has been an exciting day in Loughborough – and I missed it because I was listening to Hathern Band at the Melton Mowbray Christmas tree service!! Looks like Loughborough was packed with lots of people, lots of rides and lots of fun in the Market Place today, and the wonderful Christmas lights were switched on by the Mayor of Charnwood! And for one day only – there was an ice rink!

Although I missed all of this, I did, however, make it to the Continental market yesterday with stalls ranging from selling soap to handbags, cheese to apricots, paella to galettes! Tried really hard not to spend too much money, but, resistance was futile, as they say! I did take some pictures, but for some unknown reason they are all blurred.

Still, I should be able to catch some of the events, as over the next couple of weeks, there’s plenty more festive fun to be had in town.  Pop over to the Love Loughborough website and look at their calendar, where you can see what's happening. And, of course, the panto starts soon too, in the Town Hall!

On a more historical note, the December meeting of the Loughborough Archaeological and Historical Society takes place on Saturday 7th , at the university.

The website of the Leicestershire Industrial History Society has been updated, and there’s an interesting plea for people interested in being interviewed in relation to working lives and wartime memories. I’d encourage everyone to get involved with this: You may think your memories are just your memories but to others they could be fascinating insights to a life in times gone by.

And talking of Christmas trees, the parish church had a fine display of trees decorated by various local organisations, schools and charities etc., some of which are pictured in this week’s Loughborough Echo and will make it to the website soon, I’m sure.

Sorry for the brevity – it’s been another busy week for me.

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