Thursday, 4 August 2022

Another year on the blog!

Every year when August comes around, I can't help being surprised that this blog has been going since August 2013. That makes it 9 years this summer! it's always interesting to look back over the past year, and see which posts were popular - and which weren't!!! 

Here's the result for the year beginning of August 2021 to the end of July 2022.

Coming in at 10th most popular is a photoblog of a walk through the Garendon estate on a misty December day!

In 9th is a very recent post about the opening of the Loughborough Carillon and some of its early carillonneurs despite me messing up the URL!

The rising cost of food in the 1940s resonated with many of us, bringing this post into 8th place.

Many of you were interested to know who Paul Pry was, so this post took 7th place!

There was a series of posts about the Bull-in-the-Hollow, so it's no surprise that one of them has made the top 10 - part 2 made it into 6th position.

Gertrude Mary Hutton, who was associated with Unity House, was a popular read, and came in at 5th place.

A visit to the Outwoods is one of those things that we are so lucky to be able to do, and this photoblog captured views of this beautiful area, taking 4th place.

Ah, I said Bull-in-the-Hollow was popular - Part 1 was 3rd in the popularity stakes!!

Second place goes to the post about developments in Loughborough, which was another photoblog, this time about the work going on at Grange Park Farm.

And, the most viewed post of the year was about the demolition of the Labour Exchange on Craddock Street!

The posts languishing unloved at the bottom of the viewing stakes naturally include some very recent posts, as they haven't had much change to grow their figures yet, and I have a feeling I forgot to tell you about some of them. So here are the ten least popular posts from beginning August 2021 to end July 2022:

The most popular of the least popular posts, so coming in 10th place, was the one about the Freemen of Loughborough 

Close on the heels of the freemen of Loughborough, came the stagecoach race between Leicester and Nottingham, stopping at Loughborough to change the horses, in at 9th position

A look back at some of the year's blogposts, from beginning of January 2021 to the end of December 2021 was 8th 

Loughborough Carillon and the BBC100 celebrations came in at 7th, closely followed by Loughborough Carillon and Carillonneurs Pt 3 at 6th, both of which were posts from July 2022, so hardly surprising that they're not hugely popular - yet!!

Wordsworth and Sir Walter Scott visited Loughborough together, and a small account of this visit appeared in Writers in Loughborough, 5th least popular blogpost!

Now that I've remembered to tell you who Dr Blackham was, this post has risen from 3rd least popular to the heady heights of 4th place!!!!! 

Dr Blackham swapped places with the photoblog of the Queen's Park Platinum Jubilee events, so this one is now 3rd

During the pandemic, I was minded to do something different, something I wouldn't normally have done, so I watched the sun go down on the longest day. I also did this in 2021, and repeated it in 2022, after all, the sunset, the sky, the clouds, the weather are never the same twice! Another photoblog, different pictures! Came in at 2nd place.

And the least most popular post? A short piece about the Grammar School Brook, another recent-ish one that I think I forgot to tell you about!!!

Well, cheers folks! Thanks for staying with me these past 9 years!! Here's to another successful one!


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