Sunday, 25 January 2015

Winter walk around the water - Charnwood, that is!

Last week I shared with you some information about needle-making in Loughborough, and promised you a post about one of the needle-making families in town. Although I've done quite a lot of work on this, my research is not yet in a fit enough state to be published on this blog. Apologies, but please enjoy this week's offering. I'm hoping to post next Saturday, instead of Sunday, Saturday being, rather significantly, 31st January.

Recently, we were going to go for a walk at Beacon Hill, but when we got there, there was a queue waiting to get into the car park because of a running event that was taking place, so instead we took a meander around Charnwood Water, and we weren't disappointed! Loads of swans, coots, ducks, remote controlled boats, and a steam train, not to mention lovely trees, and a view of the back of the Cedars (formerly the home of the Loughborough town banker)! Charnwood Water used to be called Tucker's Pond because before being filled with water, this was a clay pit, the clay from which was used by the local firm of Tuckers to make bricks.

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