Saturday, 31 December 2016

Review of 2016 Loughborough blogposts

I'm sure you have much more interesting things to do on New Year's Eve than visit my Loughborough blog, but I'm having a look through my posts for 2016, and seeing which ones you seemed to like the most!!

I didn't manage to blog weekly - there are distinct gaps in my postings when I was on holiday and when we went off to celebrate our first year of marriage, or when I was under-the-weather - but nonetheless, there are 43 posts to sift through!!

Here are the most popular ones:

In 1st place, with 1103 views, making it the most popular post of 2016, is:
From 54 Baxter Gate to 1 Old Hospital Way

2nd place, with 1014 views is:
Red and green houses abandoned in favour of a picnic

3rd place, with 965 views, goes to:
Loughborough Union workhouse

Coming in at 4th place, with 947 views, is:
Red white or green maybe

5th place, with 920 views, is:
Coffee houses to coffee shops

In 6th place, with 910 views, is:
Loughborough and the holiday connections

Coming in at 7th place, with 875 views, is:

Bradgate Park

8th place, with 822 views, goes to:
Birthday celebrations

In 9th place, with 797 views, is:
From Loughborough to Melbourne and back again via

10th place, with 779 views, is:
Investigating the Victorians leads to Messengers

The 11th most popular post, with 77 views, is:
George Hodson and the Loughborough Union workhouse

In 12th place, with 742 views, we find:
Leicestershire County Council green plaque scheme

And in 13th place, with 739 views, is:
Obelisks everywhere

Sadly, Victorian House Plaques, Tucker's, and William Railton's Bavarian Gates, are languishing at the bottom of the popularity table!

If I had to choose my favourite blog post, I think I'd probably go for one of the posts about connections from other places, to Loughborough - maybe Tiverton - or some of those coincidences that seem to happen on a regular basis - like obelisks - or any of the posts on cinemas or pubs!!

I've also posted a few virtual walks - hoping to do more next year. Here's the popularity chart:

1st - Loughborough, Luddites and lace walking trail (1000 views)
2nd - Loughborough sculpture, art and architecture trail (973 views)
3rd - Loughborough Zeppelin trail (784 views)

Anyway, must away and celebrate the start of a new year! Enjoy your own celebrations, and see you next year!

You are welcome to quote passages from any of my posts, with appropriate credit. The correct citation for this looks as follow:

Dyer, Lynne (2016). Review of 2016 Loughborough blogposts. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 31 December 2016]

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