Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Afternoon at Pillings Lock

My sincere apologies for not posting my usual weekly item on Sunday evening. This last week has been rather a busy one for me, so my intended posting wasn’t quite ready – and still isn’t (nothing new there, then!) So, instead, please take a walk with me around the marina at Pillings Lock.

Today I went through the stress of a job interview. I got up early, and panicked! Breakfasted an hour earlier than normal, and panicked! Got to work and … yes, you guessed it … panicked!! The whole process lasted 1 ¾ hours, so ended 7 hours after my breakfast, so by the end of it I was starving!!

Such a stressful morning meant that I needed to unwind, chill, relax! One of my favourite places for doing this is at Pillings Lock. I read in the local paper the other day that they are experiencing some financial woes, so I thought I’d better pop along whilst they're still trading!

Pillings Lock isn’t exactly in Loughborough, nor is it exactly in Barrow, and its address says it’s actually in Quorn ! Anyway, it’s somewhere between the three places. I still find getting there and getting back out of there a bit odd, given that there’s a big dual carriageway in the way, and the approach lane is somewhat less than auspicious!

For starters, the lane is called Flesh Hovel Lane! At the junction with the road off the A6 you will see sheep in a field to your right, and allotments to your left. Beware if you’re driving a car to Pillings as it is a single-track lane, albeit with many passing places. Beware, also, if you’re cycling there, as although there’s a 15 mile-an-hour speed limit, cars do sometimes go a little faster than that.

Anyway, along this narrow, winding lane you’ll also pass the sewerage works, and fields of horses. Today I was also lucky enough to see some chaffinches and other birds, but they were too quick for me to identify, and I also saw a stoat, or it may have been a weasel! I was so enchanted when he stopped to look at me, I didn’t have time to get my camera out!

Anyway, a cup of coffee and a piece of cake later, and I was suitably chilled. May have had something to do with sitting outside, too: Despite being a sunny day, it was still a bit on the cool side! I wandered around the marina, impressed by some of the many boats, especially some of the ones that were for sale, and fascinated by the wildlife.

If you get a chance to go to Pillings, please do. Not only do they do tea, but they also do lunch items (sandwiches, paninis etc.) and more substantial dinners (chilli, fish and chips etc.).

Here’s a photodiary of my afternoon!

Getting there!

Only 1/2 mile to go!


Ok, I'll watch out for horses, cyclists and pedestrians!


Along the way!

The long and winding lane!

The allotments


The café!

The back!

The front!

One side!

Hmm, front from the other side!

T’other side!
The boats!

Beautiful boats!

Boats for sale!

The nature!


Lady duck!

Handsome chap!



Canada geese

Seagull?? What you doing ’ere?

Here to stay then?

Birds of a feather eat together!

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