Sunday, 1 June 2014

Loughborough pottery market

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit the annual pottery market in the market place in Loughborough. It was a veritable blast of colour, a whirlwind of activity, bunting abounded, the atmosphere was electric and it was a truly inspirational experience!  

I was quite overwhelmed by the sheer number of stalls, mostly selling pottery, but not exclusively, as there was a small selection of food, drink and plants. I was also quite surprised by the number of local craftsmen who were present …

Of course, I couldn’t resist buying a few things, and I would post some photos of what I bought, but most of them are for presents and the event hasn’t arrived yet, so that would spoil the surprise for my recipients. Instead, I’ll show you a few pictures of what the event was like, and give you a few links to the people who were showing their wares. Do bear in mind though that I went just before people were closing up, so although there don’t look to be many people around, actually it was a very busy event.

Sue Barton
Lindsey Thomas

Simon Shaw
Lynne Fox 

Steve & Sandra Smith

Michael Redmond

Barbara Butterworth

Guy Routledge

Zoe Petrie
Martin Shackleton

Ben Brierley

I also picked up a few leaflets detailing future events, including the Loughborough craft trail, and some events a bit further afield.

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