Sunday, 10 August 2014

World War One - We Remember

Wonderful event in Queen's Park

Yesterday I spent a very special afternoon in Queen's Park, with some very special people, to commemorate the start of World War One. Somehow or other I got invited to the reception held at John Storer House, and was privileged to join the procession from there to the carillon, where we took part in a remembrance service, which included the recitation of the names of Loughborough servicemen who died before Christmas 1914.

It was lovely to hear Mike and Dru from Hathern Band play the Last Post and the Reveille, and to sing along to Hathern playing "Land of Hope and Glory" (even if the singing was about 2 bars ahead of the band!).

After the service we dispersed, and I spent a very happy couple of hours listening to some fantastic music, meeting up with loads of friends, talking to many people, drinking tea, and generally soaking up the atmosphere. I must say, I thought this was a fantastic event, and the setting of Queen's Park was perfect.

I don't have any pictures of the actual service, but here are some pictures I took as I wandered around.

And to close the event, Caroline played a short recital: I was too slow off the mark, but here's a couple of seconds worth of her wonderful playing (with apologies for the upside down picture).

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