Sunday, 7 August 2016

Fairs and markets come to the library!

I mentioned in last week's post about Tiverton and its market charter on display in the Tiverton Museum of Mid-Devon Life, and compared this to Loughborough's own market charter. So, I popped down to our market on Saturday and took a couple of pictures. It was late in the day, and most stalls were packing up, if not already packed away:
Loughborough market, Saturday 6 August 2016
Loughborough market, Saturday 6 August 2016
On the Friday I had popped into the local public library as I'd heard there was an exhibition about Loughborough's markets and fairs, put on by the Local Studies Volunteers, and I wasn't disappointed. There were some great displays, and some interesting information so, here's some pictures of what I saw:

And here's a bit more information about the exhibition - do pop along if you can:

If you're interested in Loughborough's markets and fairs, you may be interested in re-visiting a couple of my blogposts:

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