Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas trees

So, it must be that time of year again! Christmas - well, almost!!

This year's Christmas Tree Festival at Lichfield Cathedral is bigger and better than ever, with 55 decorated Norweigian fir trees on show from 3 December until 4 January 2017.

St Peter and St Paul church in Hathern have a Christmas Tree Festival from Sunday 4th December, with 55 trees crammed into the beautiful little church.

Loughborough Church of All Saints with Holy Trinity Community Christmas Tree Festival took place 24-27 November: I shall make it to this event one year, but haven't as yet, so I can't say how many trees there were. But Loughborough town centre seems to have at least 3! And about 300 if you count the individual ones that make up the 3 big ones!! 

Today, we went to St Mary's church in Melton Mowbray: we go every year - old habits die hard. Listening to the wonderful Hathern Band was fantastic, and having them lead us in the carols is always great. We looked at the 1378 beautifully decorated trees! The official pics are on the church website, and below are some of mine!

One of Loughborough's Christmas trees 2016


  1. Some novel... or might I say no..el ideas for trees here!

    1. My favourite is the Full Monty tree!


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