Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Three Horseshoes Inn

The Three Horse Shoes Inn

Three horse shoes is quite a popular name for a pub, but could have a number of different origins. So, for example, this could be an occupational sign, or it could be a reference to travellers, so either the loss of a horse shoe, or a warning to travellers to check their horses hooves before continuing on their journey. Alternatively, it could be an artistic nod, as objects arranged in threes are attractive to look at, or because threes are used a lot in heraldry. Finally, this could be an association with folklore, magic and folk medicine, as three is a powerful number in these areas, and a reinforcement of luck.

The Three Horse Shoes Inn on Nottingham Road opened in about 1873. A photograph taken in the early 1900s shows that it served Bass ales, and the landlord was Thomas W. Richards. The pub closed in about 1925, but what became of it around that time, I don't know. Later, in about 1956 the building was transformed into Twiggers Motorcycles, who remain there to this day.

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The former Three Horse Shoes Inn, now Twiggers Motorcycles

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