Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Swan in the Rushes

The Swan-in-the-Rushes - also known as the Charnwood Inn, The Plough, The Old Plough and the Charnwood Forest Railway Inn

Animals are often to be found in the names of pubs, and I'm supposing that this pub is so called because it is in The Rushes, which many years ago would probably have been boggy, so maybe swans could be found there?

The Swan in the Rushes which we see today in The Rushes is a classic example of the 1930s Art Deco style and makes good use of Hathernware faience tiles. This pub was originally opened in 1932 as the Charnwood Inn, but there had been a pub on that particular site since the late 1800s, firstly named The Plough (not to be confused with a pub of the same name in Market Place), then renamed, The Old Plough, and finally the Charnwood Forest Railway Inn.

Today, The Swan in the Rushes is a lively place, where bands perform and Mikron, the travelling canal theatre group, put on their plays.

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The Swan-in-the-Rushes

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