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Leicestershire County Council Green Plaque Scheme

Leicestershire County Council's Green Plaque Scheme

Leicestershire County Council have now been running their green plaque award scheme for a couple of years. This year's nominations have now closed, but I haven't been able to find the shortlist. The award scheme is county-wide; as the largest town outside of the county town, Loughborough has been awarded a number of these plaques, so let's hope there will be some more accolades for the town in this year's.

Here's some of our previous winners:   

Sunloch, the winner of the 1914 Grand National, was nominated last year in the Leicestershire County Council's scheme, by the public, and became one of the proud recipients of a green plaque in March this year. Below, you can see the plaque on the right of the house.
Gainsborough House, former home of Grand National winner, Sunloch
There's a lovely picture of the commemorative event over on the county council's website. Sunloch ended his days at Sketchley Hall near Burbage, at the home of Mr Chas. H. Aldridge. The Burbage Heritage Group have some interesting talks and trips out, and they also have a Facebook page on which they have uploaded some interesting pictures. 

Over on the BBC website, you can see the green plaque that was awarded to Ladybird Books, which was placed in Angel Yard which was where the first Ladybird books were published.

The full list of 2015 winners is on the Leicester Mercury website [warning: this might take a while to load].

Over on the Taylor's Bellfoundry website, you can see a picture of the green plaque the company was awarded in the 2014 award year - scroll down to the bottom of the page for four such pictures.

A full list of the six 2014 winners can be found on the inLoughborough website.

Pop over to the web and do an image search for Leicestershire County Council Green Plaque Scheme to see more pictures and information relating to the unveiling of plaques.  

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