Sunday, 10 April 2016

Out and about around Loughborough

These last 18 days have been busy, so busy, in fact, that I've had little to no time to do any research into the history of Loughborough.What I have discovered though, is that one doesn't have to travel far from Loughborough itself to find some really interesting things to do.

Saturday 26 March saw us visit the Great Central Railway steam show. We hopped on the train at Loughborough, and went all the way through to Birstall where we got off and had a cup of tea at Greenacres. Then we made the return trip, getting off at Quorn, and then walked the rest of the way home.

Sunday 27 March we took a trip around Staunton Harold reservoir, passing Calke Abbey on the way. That day was very busy, and we passed loads of people out on the walk.

Tuesday 29 March and we trotted off to Leicester. Finally got to see the Richard III visitor centre, the grave in the cathedral, and also the Guildhall.

Wednesday 30 March we went a bit further afield, to Attenborough Nature Reserve, a place I hadn't been to in about 25 years! A great walk and a lovely cup of tea!

Thursday 31 March and we stayed a bit closer to home, and visited the remains of the abbey at Grace Dieu, as well as walking through the woods.

Friday 1 April we took the train to Stamford. Not done that before; previously, we've always been in the car. A great day to go because there was a street market which we'd not been to before. Also visited the little town museum, which was highly informative.

Sunday 3 April I took myself up Beacon Hill. I was a bit surprised to find the lower car park closed, and a new pay on exit machine on the exit at the higher car park. It was a good walk though.

Monday 4 April the offspring and I went to Oakley Grange for a belated birthday cuppa, which was lovely! As well as cattle and calves, there were some lovely little piggies there.

Tuesday 5 April one of the offspring finally took me to Bluebell "Burleigh" Woods, a place I'd heard of, but never been to before. Only a few bluebells out though, so will have to go again in the next week or so.

Wednesday 6 April I went to Castle Donington. Had a quick look at the shops, and then walked to the Priest House, where I had a lovely cup of tea, before walking back again.

Thursday 7 April the youngest and I went to Rushcliffe Country Park, a bit of a blast from the past! Had a great walk around.

Friday 8 April saw us go on a treasure hunt around Findern arranged by Mercia Marina. The walk along the canal was great, and we had a lovely bowl of soup at the marina.

Sunday 10 April we drove to Zouch and walked the length of the canal as far as the Great Central Railway bridge, passing the back of Derby Road Playing Fields, and the Astra Zeneca buildings.

Next week will be a bit quieter!!   

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