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Nanpantan and Temperance

Nanpantan and the Temperance movement

While I was researching last week’s blopost on The Windmill Inn, I happened across a mention in a 1928 trade directory of a temperance establishment on Baxter Gate (number 27) run by a Mrs Mary Peberdy, which reminded me that I had not shared with you my research into temperance in Nanapantan.

I also mentioned in my blogpost a couple of weeks ago that I had been moved to research the temperance movement because of a facebook post I’d read about the Temperance Hotel in Nanpantan, where reference was made to some postcards on ebay of two different buildings in Nanpantan purporting to be the Temperance Hotel. Obviously, I can’t post pictures of those postcards, but here’s a link to the one (scroll down to the bottom of the page) and here’s a link to the other. (see below for further information about the latter).

1911 census entry for Mr Clarke, and Mr Potter

An extensive search of the census returns for Nanpantan has revealed that at one time there were two Temperance venues in Nanpantan – at least, according to the enumerator of the 1911 census - one being the Longcliffe Hotel, and the other being Nanpantan Temperance Hotel. The Longcliffe Hotel was on the corner of Nanpantan Road and Breakback Road, and is now a nursing home, having at one time being a hall of residence for the university. The Temperance Hotel is on the same side as the Longcliffe, at the end of the row of cottages coming down the hill towards Loughborough. You may well have noticed it: I have travelled to work that way for the last 28 years, but had never stopped to wonder what the house that set back from the road was, until now, but now it’s not so easy to see as there has been some development in front of it.

The former Longcliffe Hotel
In 1891, The Longcliffe Hotel was being run by John Bennett and his wife Mary Ann. John had previously been a licensed victualler at the King William IV pub at 46 Pinfold Gate, in 1871, before moving to The Boat Inn at 2 Fishpool Head (listed exactly as this: 2 Fishpool Head (the Boat Inn) – which is odd because the only Boat Inn listed in Bill’s book is the one on Canal Bank, whereas Fishpool Head was, I think, where the Cattle Market is now).

I believe the Nanpantan Temperance Hotel had not quite been built in 1891.

In 1901 Thomas Clarke was the “Full Licensed Public Hotel Keeper” of the Longcliffe Hotel, where he lived with his wife, Mary, and children Beatrice, Ernest, and Amy, and two servants.

In 1911 the Longcliffe was still being run by Thomas Clarke and his wife, Mary, and his occupation was listed as a licensed victualler. The business had a small cottage attached at the side which the couple rented out as a holiday home. According to a friend of mine, people used to come to Nanpantan from as far away as Derbyshire for short breaks.

The former Nanpantan Temperance Hotel

By 1901, The Nanpantan Temperance Hotel had been built and was being run by Samuel Potter and his wife, Mary Ann. Samuel was a former cabinet maker who had previously – certainly in 1891 -  lived at number 18 Nottingham Road. In 1901 he is listed as a registered hotel keeper, and his children, Nellie and Mary are also living with their parents, as is Samuel’s brother-in-law, who is listed as a cabinet maker. There are also a couple of servants living in.

In 1911, Samuel, listed as a caterer and hotel keeper, is running the Temperance Hotel with his wife, Mary and daughter, also called Mary.

So, I think you can see why I am somewhat confused by Nanpantan and its temperance hotels! Ebay has featured photographs of two different buildings claiming to be the Nanpantan Temperance Hotel (as well as one claiming to be the drive of said hotel scroll down a bit to see it), and the enumerator of the 1911 census has listed Thomas Clarke, and Samuel Potter as both residing at the Nanpantan Temperance Hotel, but I can only find information for one temperance hotel (the one run by Potter, I think), the other establishment being the Longcliffe Hotel, which is quite obviously a licensed establishment, run by Clarke.

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