Sunday, 21 December 2014

Children's book illustrator exhibits at Charnwood Museum!

Andy Everitt-Stewart: First solo exhibition at Charnwood Museum

It Started with a Cat

A couple of weeks ago I created a page on my blog for listing musical groups and other artistic people and groups, and as this was limited by my own knowledge, I didn’t include many artists and groups other than musical. So, today I became aware of the illustrator of Eric Hill’s Spot the Dog, Andy Everitt-Stewart, a local artist who was trained at Loughborough College of Art and Design and is currently exhibiting his work at Charnwood Museum. I popped along, and I can honestly say the exhibition is well worth a visit if you have time to between now and the beginning of January. If you do go before Christmas, you may even be able to pick up that last-minute present!

On his webpage Andy describes himself as a “freelance illustrator and paper engineer”, and his exhibition doesn’t disappoint! Illustrations from books, including Spot the Dog, some Ladybird books, and an updated Peter Rabbit, adorn the walls of the exhibition room, and some examples of some very elaborate pop-up books, sit in the display cabinets, almost coming to life in the mind’s eye.

Against the white backdrop, everything is so colourful and each picture stands out, and because they are mostly illustrations for children’s books, they look so appealing – even, or is that, especially to adults! Several of the works were produced for Ladybird Books, some for Spot the Dog, others for books in the Beatrix Potter series, and others for a variety of publishers.

The pop-up books on display in the cases deserve a special mention for being so intricate and elaborate. You can see the planning stage too, where models are made with plain white paper before being transferred to the real thing. I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed pop-up books when we were children, but the planning involved in producing one would probably have passed us by!

Anyway, my pictures of the exhibition are not as good as the one’s on Andy’s website, but here are a few to whet your appetite:


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