Monday, 16 February 2015

The Cross Keys

The Cross Keys - also known as the Cross Keys Inn and the Phantom.

The name Cross Keys is one of those pub signs with religious connotations, as it represents the keys held by St Peter.

The Phantom is situated on the corner of Leicester Road and Pinfold Gate. The first building housing this drinking establishment in Loughborough, was certainly around in about 1770, but was demolished in the early 1800s and moved a bit, I think, as the road it was on became the main Leicester Road (before this, carriages from Leicester would have come down Packe Horse Lane which was then the main road).

In 1994 the pub was taken over by the chain which owned the Firkin tradename - at this time that would have been Allied Domecq. In 1999 the chain was sold to Punch Taverns, who then sold many of the pubs to Bass, who in turn were taken over by Mitchells and Butler. The Phantom, as it is now known, is part of the Scream brand, and is currently being refurbished!

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The Phantom, formerly the Cross Keys
Refurbishment notice

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