Sunday, 12 July 2015

Red about Loughborough Part 1!

These last few weeks have been hectic, so all I've managed to do is go out and about taking a few snaps about town, of all things red! Enjoy! And for more pics of red about Loughborough, check out Part 2!

Pillings Lock

On the water

On the water, 2

At the GCR

Inside Towles, now SOFA

The Charnwood Forest Line

Beside the water!

So RIII did visit Lowes, like Henry, after all!

A day at the museum!

Traditionally known as red brick, but are they Tucker's?

At the GCR station

In the GCR worksheds 1

In the GCR worksheds 2

Around the GCR 1

Around the GCR 2

The signals

On the GCR platform 1

On the GCR platform 2

At the Carillon Tower and War Memorial Museum

On the GCR line

At the GCR museum

On the GCR platform 3

On the GCR platform 4

Celebrating a 21st birthday at The Plough, Normanton!

Cattle Market 1

Cattle Market 2

At the Midland Mainline station

At the new Baxter Gate cinema/restaurant complex

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