Sunday, 11 October 2015

Walk from Loughborough to Beaumanor

I may have already told you that I have recently taken to seeking out walks in and around Loughborough. Up until now, my focus has been on urban walks, mostly because I am prone to being affected by tree pollen, which makes walking in the countryside in Spring most unpleasant, However, late Summer - early Autumn seems to be quite safe!!!

At the end of September I decided to pop along to the Art Deco fair that was taking place in Beaumanor Hall, and as it was such a lovely day, I decided to walk. Now, I've not done this walk before and I was using a rather old map, so it took me a while to find my way through the housing estate that has sprung up around Shelthorpe! My map reading skills leave a lot to be desired too, so I almost gave up when I couldn't quite work out where I was, but I was encouraged by the sight of families walking through the fields, and decided to follow their lead, and hope I ended up where I wanted to be!!!

I've blogged about a visit to Beaumanor Hall before, but I perhaps didn't tell you that it was designed and built by William Railton, the architect who also designed the Bavarian Gates of Garendon Hall, and Nelson's column.

Anyway, here's a photographic account of my most recent visit to Beaumanor - the way there, my stay there, and the way back. Enjoy!


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