Sunday, 31 January 2016

A commemorative walk

100 years ago today Loughborough was hit with four bombs dropped from a Zeppelin airship. My good friend Bob led about 50 interested folk to visit the site of the bombs: here's a picture account of the walk. If you were unable to make it on the walk, I've created a virtual walk, or one that you can follow to do the actual walk, over on my Zeppelin trail page.
Starting from Charnwood Museum in Queen's Park

Fascinated by Bob's talk!

We were accompanied by a couple from 1916

Who had many stories to tell us

which were quite emotional




and downright inexplicable!

The wall in Empress Road showing shrapnel marks

Stories on Empress Road

So many interested folk!

The unique Bob Stephens! (in the red scarf)

Brass plaque surrounded by temporary exhibits on Empress Road

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