Sunday, 25 June 2017

Loughborough in 100 words

So, I have finally finished the year-long local history course I have been doing. To say it has taken up all my waking hours - apart from going to work and eating - would not be far from the truth, although there have been moments when I have had to go and do something else: most of these other things I've blogged about at the time, so you probably know what they are.

Now, in the words of that famous pickpocket trainer, "I am assessing the situation", before deciding what to do next. I've found a few online courses that appeal: ironically, one is called "Getting started with online learning: this ... course will explain how you can study online without putting the rest of your life on hold" - how I wish I'd found that one before I committed to the local history course!!! And there are a couple of others that I started previously but never quite finished so I'd like to get on with those at some point, as well as a few other new ones which appeal.

In the meantime, I happened upon a website called the 100 days project, touted as a creative marathon that requires a person to do one creative activity for 100 days. Now, I've just written a report at work, amounting to about 22 pages, which is far too long for the purpose it was intended. I asked a colleague if she could precis it for me, down to about just two pages, because I cannot write succinctly! Thinking about this problem, I decided a good way to learn how to write more concisely would be to practise, but the opportunity to do this doesn't often present itself. I also only really want to write about Loughborough ... so, I bet you can see where this is going!!

My plan is to write 100 words about Loughborough for 100 consecutive days! No pre-planning, no preparation, no writing it in advance, but writing 100 words sometime during each day. This could be challenging, because I shall be posting each 100 words on this blog, but I'm not guaranteed to be at a pc when the 100 words come to me!! So, I must also practise my one-finger typing on my phone! And, on top of that, I still want to write something more substantial on here every Sunday too! Beginning to wonder if I'll find the time to do those online courses I mentioned above!!

Anyway, you can find my #100wordsaboutloughborough over on the end of the top bar of this blog, or if you're on a mobile device, click the three parallel lines, and all the pages should appear as clickable links. Failing that, here's a link. I actually started doing this on National Writing Day, which was on 21 June, so there are already 500 words over there for you to read!

Hope you enjoy the project, and do wish me luck - it's going to be a long 100 days!

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