Sunday, 10 December 2017

Snowy Loughborough

This morning I was due to go out on a walk around the town centre with a group of folk to look at our Art Deco heritage. However, it was too snowy for standing around observing and recording buildings so I went out for a bit of a walk around town on my own - well, not on my own, I had my camera with me! Here's some of what I saw:

I started my journey in Queen's Park, always a beautiful place, but even more atmospheric in the snow

Then I walked through the Market Place. The sockman was obviously enjoying the festive season, but shouldn't that be yellow cross-gaiters??

And I've seen some sights in my time, but never reindeer here before!

From here I walked over to the older part of town, where the Christmas trees looked very, ummm, Christmassy

And the real trees looked stunning!

The Swithland slate gravestones in the churchyard were either buried, or peeking out above the snow

Making my way back along Baxter Gate, the snow added a certain romance to the area, and the snowman was clearly enjoying his tea break!

Back through the Market Place again, where folk were singing and dancing in the, ummm, snow!

And the Christmas tree was listing towards Angel Yard!

Zhengs looked particularly bright and cheerful.

But by this time the pavements were beginning to get rather slushy

At the top of New Street, the trees were making their mark on the snow

And around the corner from the Blacksmith's Arms, the area around Brown's (did this used to be a dairy??) looked almost unrecognisable!

And nearby roads looked quite pretty.

And the only Art Deco building I photographed was along Baxter Gate

That's it for now folks!

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