Monday, 7 May 2018

Exciting walk around town

Yet another busy week in Loughborough - and beyond - so I've been out and about a bit. On my travels, I'm bumped into some interesting people and had a chance to look at some familiar buildings from a new viewpoint as well as support family in their sporting achievements!

Fearon Hall is a beautiful brick-built community hall. Downstairs houses a cafe which is open most days, but I don't often get a chance to go upstairs. However, this week, I did! What a lovely big space, affording a great view of the Deeds Not Words production.

Ceiling in Fearon Hall
Entering Fearon Hall

Inside Fearon Hall
Some of the props

Inside Fearon Hall
The stage ...

Inside Fearon Hall
... is set!

On Saturday I joined some people for a walk around town. Saw some familiar places:

Flaking stonework and someone's rubbish outside Loughborough Town Hall
Outside the Town Hall looking a bit forlorn

Reflection of phone shop in Town Hall window
Through the oval window we see the Clemersons replacement

Gatepost of Unitarian church
Gate posts

Drone warning pinned to a tree
Captured on drone!

Event at the Grammar School
An event!

1930s garage
Listed garage

Ummm, trees

Terracotta tile in brickwork
Terracotta in the brickwork

Trees and hedges
Green and pink

Picture of a house called The Shanty or no. 72
The Shanty

House driveway
Opposite The Shanty and behind the Red House

White gate on house driveway
The white gate

Cherry blossom amongst trees

House with cherry blossom
Bricks and blossom

House through the trees
Beautiful setting

Cherry blossom
Beautiful blossom

Cherry blossom
More blossom

And I spotted that there was some kind of public meeting taking place outside the Lloyds Bank and someone was having a great time:

Actors gathering
The gathering

Smiling actor
This is fun!

Smiling actor
I'm really enjoying this!

Serious actor
Now for the serious bit

Serious actor
Sharing with the audience

Serious actor
Capturing the audience interest

Serious actor
This really is worth listening to

Serious actor
I hope I've convinced you

Lady with pink hair eating icecream
Joining in the fun

As you can see it was a beautifully warm day ...

As it also was on Sunday in Lillington, when the Southampton Old Bowling Green Club played a friendly match against Lillington:

Young person bowling
A former Leicestershire and Hampshire under-25 bowler

Young bowler shading eyes whilst looking towards the jack
Where did that bowl end up?

And at Woodhouse Eaves on Monday for the MayDay Challenge:

Throng of runners
Runners congregating at the Woodhouse Eaves MayDay Challenge

Throng of runners
Getting H&S advice

Throng of runners at the starting line
Ready for the off

Throng of runners setting off
And they're off!

Though some people may have been a tad overdressed

Town Crier in full costume

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