Sunday, 10 June 2018

Picnic in the park and on the farm

One of the reasons I started this blog was to promote our little market town, and tell people how wonderful it is, and how much is going on, as well as waxing lyrical about our heritage!

And so it is this week that there has been so much going on I simply don't know where to start - but maybe with things I've actually been to sounds a reasonable idea!

You may have heard of the Local History Cafes, an initiative offering a friendly gathering for people over 50 who may be experiencing loneliness or need a bit of support at difficult times? On Friday this week I did a session for them on local cinema, so a bit of history about cinemas in Loughborough over the years, and other venues that showed films at one time. We had a bit of a reminisce too, about old cinema adverts - national and local - and Pathe News reels etc.. I don't know about the group, but I certainly had a good time!!

On Saturday I joined the Loughborough Library Local Studies Volunteers at the Picnic in the Park. The stall provided information about Suffragettes and the "flapper" election of 1929 - the first in which everyone had a right to vote - and had a mock ballot take place. Strangely, the Returning Officer was able to announce the exact same results as were returned in 1929! As well as a Suffragette being hounded by a rather diligent policeman, there were other shows to watch, including Morris dancing (two different groups - Way of the Wyrd and Bare Bones), a children's singing group, Irish folk music, the Boys Brigade, some drummers, and a Caribbean procession. Stalls were plentiful, offering craft activities, information and food! All in all, a great event!

Today I went along to an open farm event, this one in Charley, at Bawdon Lodge Farm, where, amongst other things, Burleigh Gin is made. This was a fabulous event, with lots of animals for children to get acquainted with, including chicks, calves, and even a unicorn! There were food stalls a-plenty - ice-creams, burgers, cake, fudge, and coffee. Games included clay pigeon shooting and crazy golf. On the long walk back to Loughborough, we passed some lovely rhododendrons, some cows and their calves, some very interesting animal drinking troughs, and some fabulous views of Loughborough!

One of the best things about all these events is that I met some lovely folk, met up with some great chums, and bumped into oh so many people I knew! Here's some pics of the picnic and the farm open day:

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