Sunday, 9 April 2017

From the rooftops of Loughborough Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I showed you some views from the top of Packe Street and Carillon Court car parks. Here's another selection, this time from the top of Beehive Lane car park on Southfield Road:

Atop the old magistrate's court

Atop the old magistrate's court

The Carillon peeping through

Looking onto Southfields Road and the building works on the site of the former Regent Theatre/Philharmonic Hall

The White House in the distance

A close-up of the building works

Garton the Mart, former Temperance Hall on Cattle Market in the distance

Think this is part of the Odeon cinema on Cattle Market

The new magistrate's court in the background

The new Cineworld cinema on Baxter Gate

Garton the Mart on Cattle Market

The Generator building in the background, and a peek of the Devonshire Square mural by Silent Hobo

The Generator building in the background

Moore and York estate agents, Devonshire Square, centre, and Carillon to the left

And finally
Southfield House, the former home of William Byerley Paget and now Loughborough Register Office
Which leads nicely on to the Pagets of Nanpantan Hall, but knowing me I'll have forgotten by next week!

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