Sunday, 2 April 2017

Loughborough, Charnwood College, Garendon Estate and half marathon!

I have to confess that most Sundays I tend not to get up particularly early: 6am on weekdays is a trial at the best of times, so to have to get up early today was difficult! 

So, why the need to get up early today? Well, this morning was the Loughborough half marathon race and after 10 months of practicing, taking part in a 5K race at Wollaton Hall for Movember, and a 10K race at Draycote Water last month, hubby felt it was time to run a bit further!

As far as I know there were over 850 people registered for this morning's half marathon, and there certainly seemed to be a lot of runners gathering on the field at Charnwood College this morning, along with their supporters! It was a beautiful morning, if a little chilly in the shade, but warmer in the sunshine. As well as runners, we also had a great view of the Obelisk!
Before the race

Growing crowds

Lining up at the start

And they're off!

And they're off!

And they're off! Photo courtesy of TDH.

And they're off! Photo courtesy of TDH.
The Obelisk

The Obelisk
This is the 6th year for the event which, apparently, usually starts and finishes in the Market Place, but for a variety of reasons this year began and ended on the sports field at Charnwood College. As a result of this change, the route was also different this year, and went past the Bavarian Gates, along the path, turning off to Shepshed,heading from Shepshed across to Hathern (doing that loop twice) before heading back past the Bavarian Gates and to the finish line at the school.
En route

En route

En route

En route

En route - runners in the distance!

En route. Photo courtesy of TDH.
The youngest and I took the opportunity to walk the Loughborough part of the route, hoping to catch glimpses of the runners - and to savour the peace of the area before those 3500 houses are built there. Of course, it wasn't particularly peaceful, with runners. marshalls, fellow pedestrians, and cyclists, but we did rather enjoy the walk and the signs of Spring.
Blossom on the school campus

Part of the Garendon estate

Flowering bush

Bavarian Gates (from the side!!)

Tree lined path


Umm, more trees!

Hmmm ... a cool tree!

The first bluebell I've seen this year!

The youngest!
The hubby was really pleased to finish the race, and in a good time too! As you saw from the tshirt he was raising money for the Ear Foundation, a charity based in Nottingham, and managed to support them with a donation of over £700

While the youngest and I were walking around, we talked about how long it would be before Dad decided he was ready for a full marathon: not long methinks!
The finish line!

Crossing the finish line!

Someone's happy with 1 hr 43 mins 28 seconds! Photo courtesy of TDH.

The medal!

Here are a few more links to my posts about the Garendon Estate (including a walk along the same route as this marathon went), the Bavarian Gates and the Obelisk:

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