Sunday, 30 April 2017

Old Rectory Museum open for the season

The local newspaper, the Loughborough Echo, recently did a feature on the Old Rectory Museum which is now open for the summer season, Saturdays, 11-3, until October. A lot of hard work has gone on behind the scenes in preparation for the opening, and it really is worth a visit!

Last weekend, I took advantage of the break from work and popped over to Newark, to visit the National Civil War Centre. I don't know how long it's been there, nor why I've never happened upon it before, but it was really very exciting, beautifully presented and very informative. Interestingly, the building is also the local theatre, has a lovely little shop, a changing exhibition (currently on Lawrence of Arabia) and a gorgeous attic room which housed the Magnus School

Article in Loughborough Echo Weds 26 April 2017, p11

A selection of photographs of the new Civil War exhibition and inside the Old Rectory Museum:

A selection of photographs from the National Civil War Centre, Newark
The National Civil War Centre in Newark

Part of the grenadoes from Leicester

Civil War uniform

Ceramic grenadoes from Leicester

A replica weapon and some dressing up clothes!

A fireplace in the Magnus School attic room

The themed waste bins in Newark town centre

A paving slab in Newark town
Of course, there is another site in our area that is associated with the Civil War, and that is the bridge at Cotes where there was a minor battle. I do have some pictures, but that would involve getting the hard disk out and hunting through, but it's getting a bit late tonight ...

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  1. Dear Lynne
    Thank you for the nice fotos of the Leicester ceramic grenades. Do you have them available in higher resolution? I am working on an archaeological find of similar grenades from Ingolstadt Germany and would be highly interested to see your fotos.

    1. Hi Andi! Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to comment. If you email me directly, I might be able to help. Thanks, Lynne


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