Sunday, 6 August 2017

Your favourite posts!

So, I can hardly believe that the blog has been going for 3 years now! When I first started it on August 4th 2014 it was in response to a real concern that some people had a very dim view of Loughborough, and I wanted, not to change their view, but at least to tell the story of our town in a different way, through its people, its buildings, its history, and through its current day life. I hope, if you've been following me all this time, I've informed you, amused you and left you wanting to know more. If you've only just found the blog, do go and have a look at some of the older posts, accessible via the archive of posts, or the labels listed on the left-hand side. 

As is now usual at this time, I like to review the past year, and have a look and see which posts you've looked at the most. So, first these are the posts from this year with the most views - with links so you can click and go directly to the if you wish:

* 10th most popular post: From the rooftops, part 1 with 1363 views

* 9th most popular post: Loughborough in 50 shades of red with 1389 views

* 8th most popular post: Village Bands with 1429 views

* 7th most popular post: Christmas trees with 1435 views

* 6th most popular post: Loughborough, Ladybird and book illustrators with 1439 views

* 5th most popular post: Swithland Slate with 1452 views

* 4th most popular post: Cinema memories with 1473 views

* 3rd most popular post: From Loughborough to Melbourne and back again with 1501 views

* 2nd most popular post: Obelisks everywhere with 1540 views

* 1st most popular post: Bradgate Park with 1669 views

And, here are the most popular posts of all time:

* 10th most popular post Christmas trees with 1435 views

* 9th most popular post Loughborough, Ladybird and book illustrators with 1439 views

* 8th most popular post Swithland Slate with 1452 views

* 7th most popular post Red and green houses abandoned in favour of a picnic! with 1456 views

* 6th most popular post Cinema memories with 1473 views

* 5th most popular post From Loughborough to Melbourne and back again with 1501 views

* 4th most popular post Obelisks everywhere with 1540 views

* 3rd most popular post Spotlight on Ashby Road with 1620 views

* 2nd most popular post Bradgate Park with 1669 views

* 1st most popular post Ghost signs of Loughborough with 2327 views

As well as the regular (well, as regular as I can make it!) Sunday evening posts, I've also added a few pages that are fairly static. In order of popularity these are:

* 10th most popular page Photo gallery with 70 views

* 9th most popular page Exhibitions at Loughborough Local Studies Library with 146 views

* 8th most popular page Musical and creative Loughborough with 283 views

* 7th most popular page #100daysaboutloughborough with 373 views

* 6th most popular page Bibliography with 1008 views

* 5th most popular page What's on with 1009 views

* 4th most popular page Loughborough Zeppelin trail with 1049 views

* 3rd most popular page Books about Loughborough with 1142 views

* 2nd most popular page Loughborough, Luddites and lace trail with 1255 views

* 1st most popular page Loughborough sculpture, art and architecture trail with 1312 views

For the coming year, I have some plans to re-vamp the site, and add some new things, as well as pruning out some of the pages and some of the information on the pages. Hopefully, this won't put you off reading! If there's anything you ever want me to investigate, do please leave a comment below (I know, it's not as easy as it should be) alternatively send me an email at the address on the About Me page (following the instructions about substitutions!).

You are welcome to quote passages from any of my posts, with appropriate credit. The correct citation for this looks as follow:

Dyer, Lynne (2017). Your favourite posts. Available from: html [Accessed 6 August 2017]

Take down policy:
I post no pictures that are not my own, unless I have express permission so to do. All text is my own, and not copied from any other information sources, printed or electronic, unless identified and credited as such. If you find I have posted something in contravention of these statements, or if there are photographs of you which you would prefer not to be here, please contact me at the address listed on the About Me page, and I will remove these.
Thank you for reading this blog. 


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